Steel Solutions

Murphy Company has worked in all areas of a steel plant including the coke batteries, the blast furnaces, the BOF Shop, Caster and finishing facilities.

We understand the processes and critical equipment in the steel industry.  Utilizing our years of experience, we prepare a plan that allows us to ensure your steel plant construction project will be completed in a timely and professional manner.

For a large part of our history Murphy Company has remained one of the industry’s premier steel plant construction contractors.

High Quality Steel Services

We provide the steel industry with a wide-range of services including:

  • Blast Furnace Replacement and Repair
    • Including work on staves, process cooling water, and hot blast and cold blast mains and gas cleaning systems..
  • Coke Battery Rebuilding, Repair and Maintenance
    • From maintenance to repair work, we understand the environment, know the safety and regulatory requirements, and know the cokemaking process for a professional repair.


  • Basic Oxygen Furnace Shops
    • We have an extensive resume in the BOF Shop including process, water pipe and emission control systems for the tapping and charging of the BOF.
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
    • Our team has installed dust and particulate collection systems including baghouses, spark boxes and ESP equipment. We have worked with leading OEM’s in finding our clients environmental solutions.
  • Caster Repair and Installation
    • Spray water systems, air-oil mist, indirect cooling, hydraulics, lubrication and grease systems.

With our working knowledge of the steel plant processes, we can schedule our personnel to complete work with the minimal operations impact.  We understand tap times, caster ladle runs, and coordinate with plant operators to work within the constraints of the plant.