Combined Cycle

Murphy Company has the experience and knowledge required for these high energy process systems and other components for the combined-cycle mechanical installation, including HRSG install, auxiliary boiler, high energy pipe systems, and BOP process utilities.

A combined-cycle power plant burns natural gas to run gas turbines, with the tremendous exhaust heat generated from the gas turbines used to produce steam to drive downstream steam turbines for additional power generation. The two turbines (gas and steam) work in combination.

Murphy’s experience on combined-cycle construction:

  • High Energy Piping – Murphy piping solutions provide a stream lined efficiency allowing for improved productivity.
  • Chrome Welding – Murphy certified welders can perform any chrome weld.
  • HRSG Install – We can provide complete installations services for your HRSG equipment.
  • Gas Turbine Mechanical – Process piping including gas, high pressure water, lubrication and hydraulics. Setting process equipment.


  • Steam Turbine Mechanical – High pressure steam piping from the HRSG unit requires special alloyed welding and PWHT for the quality required to meet ASME Codes.
  • Pipefitters – The team at Murphy Company includes certified professional pipefitters and welders trained to make the high grade welds the combined cycle plant demands.
  • Boilermakers – Murphy employs experienced boilermakers craftsmen working direct for in-house supervision.  Our craftsmen are trained boilermakers having the knowledge and experience to provide a quality install or repair.
  • ASME Pressure Code Stamps – All systems and construction work is warrantied and meet the requirements for ASME Pressure Code Stamps.

Murphy Company can put solutions in place to assist on various power plant work.  With years of real world experience, we can provide a quality mechanical installation for you plant requirements.