Data Center Services

Data Center Solutions

Ensuring that your data center operates under optimal conditions and is maintained in a state of 24/7 readiness.

Murphy Company’s Data Center Services provide strategic integration of all crucial facility infrastructure components. This ensures a reliable solution from the consult/design phase to the actual construction, and the operation and maintenance of the entire facility. Some of our data center services include:

Consulting and Design
Our solutions are perfect for facilities that require meticulous uptime analysis, risk mitigation protocol, scalability plans and code compliance guarantees. Murphy Data Center Services can address each of these items during the design phase to ensure that your facility is completely prepared for the optimal and efficient operation that will be done on day one. We understand how crucial it is for your business to have the ability to project for future growth from both operations and financial perspectives. Our data center services have the ability to grow with your business and its ever-changing needs.

The Murphy Data Center Services leverages over 100 years of company experience to offer industry-leading construction practices and procedures. We have mastered the latest technologies and are committed to providing a high quality and safe project. Combined with experience and innovative personnel, we are guaranteed to provide our clients with a successful result.

Managed Maintenance
Murphy Company is professionally qualified to maintain your data center. In addition to our years of maintenance experience, we have the ability to create an infrastructure that is matched to your business as well. Murphy Data Center Services include our management personnel that have developed methods of procedure that ensure your infrastructure is functioning and completely maintained on a preventative and emergency basis.

Now is the time to leave your data center management in good hands. Contact Murphy Company today to get started!