Protect Your Business With Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance systems are a key component in the effort to protect your facility.

Our team will meet with you to determine your video surveillance needs and which of our solutions will be most beneficial to protecting your business. This adds an additional layer of security to not only your building, but your employees as well.

Benefits of Video Surveillance

  • Loss Prevention – Murphy Company will provide and install video surveillance systems that will help reduce losses that could have been preventable and enhance the overall security of your facility.
  • Employee Protection – Our video camera surveillance services have the ability to provide peace of mind in the workplace by the deployment of an overt video system.
  • IP Technology – The Murphy team will implement high resolution cameras and video equipment that utilize IR technologies including power over Ethernet (POE).
  • Digital Video Recording – We provide our customers with tapeless digital recording systems that offer advances playback features, advanced storage capabilities and alarms.
  • Enterprise Video Solutions – Our team has the ability to connect multiple webcam surveillance video systems and seamlessly manage them from a centralized server.


Our video surveillance solutions are full of services that will assist in keeping your company and your employees safe. Murphy Company has the ability to tailor our services to meet your specific needs, leaving you with the safest and most effective solution possible. Our video surveillance systems play a huge role in our efforts to protect our customer’s buildings, property and workers from harm. This level of security will help your business operate more efficiently while also providing a high level of comfort and convenience to your employees with higher safety standards. Contact us today to get started on your next project!