HVAC Controls Tailored to Your Business

Murphy Company has maintained the internal capability to design, install and manage HVAC systems for more than 20 years.

Our experience and knowledge enhances our ability to control and maintain all of your HVAC units, while achieving maximum system efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our HVAC control products offer many different benefits such as decreasing the impact on the environment, cutting energy costs and improving the overall security and safety of your facility. Our automation control systems not only have the ability to regulate your buildings’ functions, they also continue to collect data that can help you find ways to further cut costs and increase efficiency.

HVAC Control System Solutions

Some of the other services included in our HVAC control system solutions are:
Tridium Niagra– Murphy Company utilizes a universal software infrastructure allowing integrators to build custom, web-enabled applications for facility management controls.
Open Protocols– We implement BACnet, LonWorks, ModBus and a wide variety of 3rd party drivers into our projects.
Integrated Solutions- We have the ability to provide one management tool by merging dissimilar systems together in one centralized platform.
Sustainability-We provide solutions to owners which allow their existing automation controls system to maximize the longevity of the equipment.
Energy Management– The efficient solutions that we implement into every project provide energy conservation by effective management resources and reducing the operating expenses of a facility.


Our HVAC automation controls are here to help your system run efficiently. Because our services are customized to the unique needs of your business, you receive a solution that is effective and meets your company standards. Our tailored solutions will help your business productivity while also providing a high level of comfort and convenience to your workers. Contact us today to learn more about what our HVAC controls and an energy management system can do for your business!