Professional Access Control Solutions

The access control systems that Murphy Company provides can monitor and create secure access to your building for employees and visitors. It can also be used to enhance the safety and security measures of your business.

Access Control Service

  • Card Access Control – We will provide and install a door access control system to your facility. This will assist with monitoring employee and visitor access so you are aware of who is entering the facility and when.
  • Asset Protection – Our services provide selective restriction of access to protect your physical assets. This provides our customers peace of mind knowing that their facility and all important items are safe and secure.


  • Integrated Platform – With our solutions you will receive intelligent energy conservation and comfort control by our team implementing an integrated platform.
  • Biometric Readers – Murphy Company will install a high-level, state-of-the-art security system that relies on measurable physical characteristics for authorized access. This will ensure that only select users have access when you want them to.
  • Parking Garage System – We can provide and install electronic card access systems that allow you to manage your garage access and also your revenue.

Our access control system solutions touch all aspects of facility management. From lighting controls, energy management, card access, to HVAC controls and video surveillance using open protocols, Murphy can offer the right solution for you. Our access control solutions are presented on a centralized, web-enabled Tridium Niagara System.

The safety and protection of your facility is everything to your business. Why not have the safest and most efficient plans in place? We would love the opportunity to get to know the needs of your company, and see if we could be the perfect fit for your access control needs. Contact us today to find out!