Efficient Rooftop Unit Replacement Services

At Murphy Company, our customers are always our top priority.

That is why we offer our rooftop unit services during off hours to minimize the impact on your business and clients. This allows us to improve your efficiency, provide equipment upgrades and improve the overall air quality with minimal disruptions.

Rooftop Unit Replacement Solutions

  • Equipment Upgrades – Running an outdated unit can do much more harm than good to your facility. The rooftop unit upgrades that Murphy Company provides are tailored to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your system.
  • Improve Efficiency – Improving the efficiency of your rooftop unit can greatly impact your company by decreasing your energy and operating costs.


  • Reduce Maintenance Cost – If you have regularly scheduled maintenance performed on your rooftop unit; you are helping to prevent any unexpected repair or large maintenance project from being necessary. This gives business owners the opportunity to budget for the scheduled maintenance cost rather than have a major repair expense they were unprepared for.
  • Design/Build Approach – Our design build approach for roof top units provides a single point of accountability and encourages a true team atmosphere. With simplified lines of communication, the result is an accelerated project delivery with value-driven cost savings and improved quality.
  • Air Quality – We have the ability to enhance the air quality in your facility by utilizing outside air and filtering through the rooftop AC unit.
  • Experience – With our years of experience comes knowledge and expertise. Our team of certified professionals has a complete understanding of your facility and will create a rooftop air conditioner replacement solution that meets your needs and surpasses your expectations.

Murphy recognizes that you have a need for a cost effective and efficient delivery method for rooftop unit replacements. We believe that our Quick Response Group is that solution. Contact us today!