Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions

Murphy Company continues to be a leader in the sheet metal arena of mechanical contracting. Our 50,000 square foot facility in St. Louis and our similar 18,000 square foot facility in Denver allow us to deliver full sheet metal fabrication services to all of our HVAC clients.

We have the flexibility to operate our fabrication facility on a multiple shift basis in order to meet aggressive schedules for our customers and to maximize their potential cost savings.

Both of our facilities are modern, automated and utilize top of the line equipment that represents the latest technology for sheet metal fabrication. Our teams of project professionals leverage the cost effectiveness of fabrication through our multiple innovative project delivery techniques and sheet metal fabrication equipment.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services by Murphy Company

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services by Murphy Company


  • Two state-of-the-art plasma cutters and the latest heavy equipment including presses, rolls and shears enable the company to fabricate 26 ga. through 10 ga. stainless steel, aluminum, copper, black iron and galvanized steel.
  • Sheet metal fittings can be produced directly from computer produced drawings.
  • A full range of equipment is available for TIG, MIG, stick and carbon arc welding.
  • Automated coil line produces fully insulated, rectangular ductwork without handling.
  • Flanged connections provide an air-tight seal in medium and high pressure systems, increasing efficiency and reducing contamination.
  • Specialty industrial fabrication includes design, layout and fabrication of intricate ductwork, chutes, shapes and enclosures to your specific requirements.

Construction Methods:

  • Button lock
  • Pittsburgh and welded seams
  • Slip and cap connections
  • Transverse duct flange (TDF)
  • Standard angle connections
  • TIG, MIG, stick and carbon arc welded connections
  • Soldered connections


  • 26 ga. through 10 ga. galvanized, black iron and stainless
  • Copper, aluminum, coated metals, prepainted metals, perforated metal and expanded metal

Specialized services:

  • Full design/build capabilities utilizing an in-house professional engineering staff
  • Three dimensional computer aided drafting
  • Computer design, estimation and fabrication
  • Paint shop/booth fabrication
  • Sound level evaluation
  • NEBB certification
  • NEMI contractor


  • Fully automated 5 ft. insulated duct coil line
  • Computer driven plasma fitting cutter
  • Roll forming machines
  • Power shear – 10 ft. 10 ga. stainless
  • Power, Roto-die and hand brakes
  • Insulation application systems
  • Power Brake

Projects include:

  • HVAC
  • Blow pipe
  • Dust collection systems
  • Fume removal systems
  • Clean rooms (class 10,000 through 1)
  • Operating rooms