High Purity Water Services

At Murphy Company, we understand that your high purity water/ultrapure water system is the lifeblood of your microelectronics manufacturing process.

The manufacture of all electronic products involves the use of high purity water, frequently in large quantities. When particles and other impurities are present in the water used in the process, product yield is reduced. Water comes into contact with the product many times, and at every stage of the manufacturing process.  That’s why it’s critical that your installing partner have the experience and expertise to provide a high purity water system that provides the quality and capacity needed for your production.

Materials Used by Murphy Company for Your High Purity Water System

  • Polypropylene – Murphy often sees the use of polypropylene piping system materials in a laboratory environment and on lower grade high purity water systems. Considered a less expensive installation, polypropylene will offer certain customers the quality that they need for less sophisticated microelectronics installation.
  • Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) – Murphy is experienced in the installation of PVDF for a customer specific installation. PVDF provides an installation that is considered more suitable for high purity water/ultrapure water than Polypropylene.  This is the industry “material of choice for high efficiency ultrapure water system installation.

Do you need a high purity water/ultrapure water system to support your plant expansion and construction?  Call on Murphy to make it happen and let us deliver the quality and system that you need to help you succeed.