Clean Energy Solutions from Murphy

At Murphy Company, we know how crucial it is to a business to have a mechanical service solution that is customized to their specific needs. That is why we offer solutions to our clean energy customers that are beneficial to the overall well-being of their business. With our years of knowledge and a complete understanding of the clean energy industry, we are able to design and implement the best mechanical services for your business.

Knowing that clean energy companies have a demand for high-quality processing standards, we can provide multiple mechanical installation and repair services that will meet those set standards and exceed their expectations. Through our years of experience, we have provided many successful solutions to clean energy companies. Even under the pressure of the aggressive schedules our customers have, they know they can count on Murphy Company to get the job done the right way.


Renewable Energy

Along with clean energy companies, our mechanical installation and repair services provide renewable energy companies with equipment solutions that meet their high business standards.That means that our clients in the renewable energy business will never have to worry about how efficiently and effectively their equipment is running.

Our Renewable Energy services includes mechanical and process services to support:

  • Biofuel Production
  • Solar Cell Manufacturing
  • Pilot Plant Construction

No matter the type of clean energy your business produces, we can provide a solution that will fit your business needs. By partnering with Murphy Company, you are creating an opportunity to reduce the operating costs of your clean energy company. Our team of certified professionals has the ability to provide you with a solution that is customized to your manufacturing needs. Contact us today and begin seeing the benefits that Murphy Company can do for your clean energy business!