Professional Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Solutions

At Murphy Company, we understand that the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry has a crucial “time-to-market” schedule on every project for new or expanding facilities.

Through the years of working with many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Murphy understands the critical needs of manufacturers to produce quality products with an aggressive and often accelerated schedule.


Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Services Provided by Murphy Company

  • Clean Water Systems (USP Purified, Water For Injection or WFI, and RO/DI)- We will install high purity piping to meet the critical water system needs of your facility.
  • Process Piping Systems- We will handle the layout, fabrication and installation process of piping systems. This includes systems such as Clean Steam, Clean-In-Place (CIP), Clean Air and others.
  • ISO Classified Cleanrooms- Our team of professionals will design and install HEPA mechanical systems for pressure cascade and clean class.
  • Chemistry and Biology Laboratory Facilities- We can handle the design and installation of all plumbing, HVAC and piping systems that support all levels of laboratory facilities.
  • Piping Passivation- Passivation of stainless steel process systems to protect against corrosion and extend the life of the systems.
  • GMP Documentation to support your mechanical and process systems validation including weld inspection, material inspection and other documentation requirements needed for your facility.