Preventative Maintenance Solutions

Preventative maintenance is crucial to protecting the investment in your facility.

The customized preventative maintenance programs that Murphy Company provides have the ability to improve occupant comfort, extend the life of your equipment and reduce your repair budget. We will perform on-going preventative maintenance to help make sure that your systems continue to operate as efficiently as possible years after the initial installation or upgrade.

Preventative Maintenance Services

HVAC Preventative Maintenance
When your HVAC systems need service, Murphy is the only call you have to make. Not only are our Service Technicians trained on all major equipment brands, they also understand specialty systems found in complex industrial and institutional environments. Allowing us to perform regularly scheduled maintenance can save your business unexpected expenses and costly repairs.

Plumbing Preventative Maintenance
During our plumbing preventative maintenance services, the Murphy team will perform cleaning of sewer piping and grease traps/interceptors to prevent clogging.

Chiller Preventative Maintenance
Murphy Company will perform preventative maintenance on your chiller system to reduce the amount of energy your building uses and will keep your chiller running at the highest efficiency at all times.

Cooling Tower Preventative Maintenance
Our preventative maintenance services have the ability to extend the life of your cooling tower and reduce the potential for unexpected downtime. We will prevent any potential high water levels or possible overflow by making sure that all controls are operating correctly and the unit is functioning properly.

Boiler Preventative Maintenance
Murphy Company will customize a preventative maintenance program that is specific to your business. Too often we see business owners wait for their boiler to completely break down before any maintenance is done. This can be costly to your company and leave your employees in an uncomfortable work environment. That is why we encourage our clients to prevent a boiler problem before it occurs with our boiler preventative maintenance solutions.

Your equipment is a critical part of your business. Our preventative maintenance services will keep your facility healthy and running efficiently! Let us prove to you why we are the best maintenance service provider for your company. Contact us today to learn more!