Fabrication Shop Solutions

High-quality fabrication and precise scheduling form the foundation for our quality project delivery – on time and on budget.

By delivering precision-formed piping, sheet metal and pre-assembled modules to job sites on time, we are able to help owners control costs, ensure quality and avoid construction site delays.

Modern Fabrication Facilities

We operate efficient, modern fabrication facilities providing:

• Greater quality control
• Increased productivity
• Cost savings
• Scheduling advantages
• Greater utilization of high tech equipment including CAD systems and scheduling
• Computer-driven scheduling and installation flexibility
• Material inventory and cost control


At Murphy Company, we maintain an expansive, 30,000-sq.ft. Fab Shop in St. Louis and a large 18,000-sq.ft. Fab Shop in Denver; both fully equipped and staffed to support both large and small projects.  We offer the flexibility to operate our fabrication facilities on a multiple shift basis in order to meet aggressive schedules for our customers and to maximize cost savings.