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Murphy Company Featured Food, Beverage and Refrigeration Project

Fabiano Brothers Distributing

The Fabiano Brothers Distributors project was a new AB distribution facility located in Bay City, MI.  The owner consolidated two existing facilities into this new distribution center.


This project included a Controlled Environment Warehouse (CEW), a Draft Cooler, Drive Thru, Recycling Center, Maintenance Shop, as well as a new office headquarters.

The design started in 2007 and was completed by 2009 in order for the owner to take advantage of one million dollars in tax credits.  (sounds a little less money-grabbing?) .

The central cooling plant included an outdoor, custom-built, skid- mounted chilled water plant.  The plant included chiller compressors, chilled water pumps, fluid cooler and associated controls.

Due to the extreme cold temperatures in Central Michigan, the control system in the plant drained the sump as the outdoor temperature approached freezing and operated as a dry cooler during these periods.

Chilled water was piped to steel hung glycol coils in the CEW and a roof- mounted air handler on the office roof.  The ambient areas of the facility were heated with gas fired unit heaters and/or make up air units.

A central Building Automation System integrated all of the equipment throughout the facility.

Murphy Company Project Team
Engineer- Murphy Company
Electrical- Kaiser Electric
General Contractor- CSM Group

Murphy Company Scope of Work