Data Center Services

Murphy Company's data center construction services provide strategic integration of all crucial facility infrastructure components to our customers.

Energy-efficiency, cooling and reliable back-up systems are all essential components of this matrix. Our approach allows for a reliable solution from the consult/design phase to the actual construction, and eventually the operation and maintenance of the entire data center. The Murphy Company team is here to provide our clients with a data center project management solution that ensures the safety of their employees and keeps their systems running smoothly at all times. If you are looking for the best partner for your next data center design project, call Murphy Company.  Contact us today to get started!

Murphy Company Featured Data Centers Project

Fed Ex Data Center Central Plant Addition

This project was inclusive of building a new 115,000 square foot data center from the ground-up in the Denver area, including a new central utility plant.  As a part of this project, only 20% of the usable data center space was to be built out, and 50% of the central plant was constructed.  Provisions for future build-out were included in this phase. The facility will eventually be the Fed Ex primary communications and data storage hub for its global operations.


In addition, a new emergency generator plant was constructed.  The plant is designed such that eight 1730 KW generators will provide emergency power – this phase included provisions for three generators. Also, a complete plumbing infrastructure was built out, including new core restrooms, as well as a network of drainage piping for all of the various air-conditioning and cooling units throughout the structure. And last, a new pedestrian connector was built, connecting the new data center to the existing adjacent office buildings

Murphy Project Team
Project Manager – Greg Friess
Piping Foreman – Mike Spence
Plumbing Foreman – Kirk Rogers

Murphy Company Scope of Project Work
Piping, Sheet Metal, Plumbing and Fabrication.