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Murphy Company Featured Casino Project

River Downs Casino

This was a first, one-of-a-kind project for St. Louis.  The assignment was to design, build and ship a prefabricated, self-contained Central Utility Plant to provide heating, cooling and domestic water for a new casino addition at River Downs racetrack in Cincinnati.


The 84-ft. x 30 ft. C.U.P. was constructed on a level steel frame that was shipped in 8 pieces via oversized trucks. The C.U.P. was loaded with equipment, including two boilers, 5 primary heating hot water pumps, 3 chilled water pumps, a cooling tower water filter skid, 3 condenser water pumps, 2 cooling towers, two 500-ton water chillers, a chilled water expansion tank, a chilled water spirotherm AS, a free cooling heat exchanger, two fan coil units, a ventilation fan, and exterior louver. Total weight was 230,000 lbs., with the largest section weighing 40,000 lbs.

All the equipment, pipe, pumps and boilers were installed in Murphy’s shop in sections. The chillers were installed on sections in the yard. All sections were set on a level platform in yard to insure fit. Sections where then disassembled and shipped to the site for reassembly/tie in. Cooling tower steel was sent to the site along with cooling towers and assembled over mechanical room sections.

Because of its uniqueness and success, this project was awarded the 2014 Design/Build Award by Contracting Business Magazine.

Murphy Project Team
Project Manager – Gary DeFosset
Piping Foreman – Scott Wright
Lead Engineer – Matt Gildehaus, P.E.
Start Up – Pete Moll

Murphy Company Scope of Project Work
Design, build and ship a fully-loaded Central Utility Plant and install on site.