Craft Professionals

Murphy Company Craft Professionals

Murphy’s skilled technicians come out of a proud American tradition of building excellence.

Murphy employs over 800 union craftsmen primarily from the pipefitter, boilermaker, plumber, sheet metal worker, ironworker, carpenter, millwright, teamster and laborer trades throughout the United States.

Our experienced skilled workers have trained for years to learn their craft, beginning as apprentices and progressing to journeymen, foremen, and often, superintendents. They serve as an integral part of our building team, advising on the best methods to fabricate, build and install the materials and equipment for your facility.  They can perform ongoing maintenance, monitor energy usage and troubleshoot any problems – all to ensure your mechanical systems are working with optimal efficiency.

Murphy’s skilled technicians come out of a proud American tradition of building excellence.  In some cases, they’ve worked alongside their fathers, grandfathers and uncles who helped teach them their trade.  Murphy’s new generation of workers represents the best of strong union traditions combined with specialized training on today’s complex building systems and new building methods.

Safety is a constant priority for our craft professionals, whether working in one of our Fabrication Shops or at your job site. They review equipment safety and usage before beginning work, stay alert for potential hazards and are vigilant in safeguarding your property and employees.

When you decide to build with Murphy Company, you can be assured that our knowledgeable union craftsmen will contribute experience and expertise to your project. Whether it’s building a new out-of-the-ground facility, performing retrofits or maintenance, Murphy’s skilled workers bring a high level of knowledge and commitment to excellence unmatched in our industry. Join the Murphy team today!